Mechanika Inwazji System Assumptions 160109

The requirements we have for our system:

– every character needs to have a weak spots. It is impossible to create a character without any
– we want to be able to create diverse and various characters
– this statistics on character sheet should be clear enough to be able to be understood. During the conflict it is easy to show why this particular statistic is being used
– the character sheet needs to describe the character. There should be no discrepancy between the description and the statistics. The character sheet as both the prescriptive and descriptive function.
– The character needs to be driven towards particular set of approaches, but it cannot overpower normal functioning of the character, style of gameplay.
– The feel of use of magic should not be one of a tool or utility but should be the one of a significant nature
– inside a domain of possible actions (for example, social actions) no character should be able to be the best at every possible action.
– The system may be computer assisted, but it cannot require a computer for functional use
– all parties, all players are able to create the reality around them. This is not only “able to”. Creation and definition of reality is the responsibility of everyone around and everyone around has tools to be able to do it.
– One shorting anything or anybody is possible but is not trivial. Concerns non-– gray entities.
– We operate on character and scene level. Although most conflicts happen at a particular a defined scene with particular defined characters, the scope of resolution may out of this scene and character. A conflict is able to define reality outside the scene and every conflict needs to change the reality in a meaningful, non-repeatable way. It can be reversed only at a cost.
– Playing the game should be exciting. Conflicts should be exciting.

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