Mechanika Inwazja Motywy Wounded Devastator


Ranny Dewastator / Wounded Devastator

Co to jest

Imagine a very powerful entity. A powerful monster which is able to destroy a lot. It got wounded. Pain surges through its veins, hatred blinds its sights. A wounded devastator. Eradicating everything in its path, hurt and suffering, roaring and trying to destroy anything simply to sooth its pain; or to share it with the others.


to soothe its pain
to destroy everything


  1. hurt / maim <someone> in a horryfying way
  2. attack <someone> unexpectedly, with first strike
  3. hold in place; abort doing <something> because of pain
  4. destroy <something> important / precious to <someone>
  5. present its wound as a weakness to <someone>
  6. present <someone> trying to heal or help it because of <reason>
  7. present <someone> trying to kill it because of <reason>
  8. enter the trapped <location>, burning with hatred
  9. be used by <someone> against that <someone's> enemies
  10. get out of control of anyone; rampage randomly
  11. pursue <someone> because of <reasons>, ignoring everything
  12. ignore the pain; go through <something> which would stop anything else
  13. get outmaneuevered and slowed down with <something> by <someone>
  14. announce its presence loudly, causing <someone> to panic
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