Mechanika Inwazja Motywy Sanctuary Sector


Strefa Sanktuarium / Sanctuary Sector

Co to jest

Strefa Sanktuarium jest miejscem bezpieczeństwa, azylem przed czymś / kimś.


to deny passage to evil
to protect and sustain
to renew, rebuild, restore


  1. deny passage to <someone> because of <reasons>
  2. ban <action>; make it (impossible, illegal)
  3. grant a safe haven to <someone>
  4. remove <magical effect> from <someone>
  5. harm <someone> impure; slowly degenerate them
  6. expel <someone> because of <reasons>
  7. offer conditional protection based on <conditions>
  8. protect <someone>
  9. summon a speaker to explain <something>
  10. summon a guardian to enforce a sanctuary
  11. provide a shelter for a limited time
  12. require strengthening and improving
  13. reveal special nature of the location
  14. force <something> as set of rules upon <someone>
  15. continuously hurt <someone>, make them suffer, make them worse
  16. reveal <someone>'s condition
  17. provide the meeting of hated enemies
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