Mechanika Inwazja Motywy Possessed


Opętaniec / Possessed

Co to jest

The possessed is a motive composed of two different entities. One of them is host – usually human. Another one is a parasite in spiritual form – usually a demon. The possessed is a combination of a demon and of a human, where the demon is in control. This entity is usually malevolent, does not really care about the host’s safety and wants to pursue a particular plan or a way of action. The possessed feeds on the negative emotions especially the more innocent the more powerful the effect is, and it usually wants to bring more malevolent entities into this world or it wants to simply cause as much badness as possible.


to feed from strong emotion (usually suffering)
to cause badness, pain, despair


  1. attack <someone> and hurt them physically
  2. make <someone> do <something> which will shock and hurt them
  3. make <someone> do <something> desperate to help (or stop) the Possessed
  4. give <someone> a false hope and feed from their despair
  5. misled <someone> into doing <something> beneficial to the Possessed
  6. force <someone> to hurt the Possessed to cause them great pain
  7. hurt <someone> helpless or innocent to magnify the negative emotions
  8. demand <something> from <someone> or <event> happens
  9. intimidate/scare <someone> because of <reason>
  10. conceal its presence in order to do <something>
  11. collect <something> in order to cause <event>
  12. offer <knowledge> in order to cause <event>
  13. hide or destroy <something> (tools, money) in order to make <event> impossible
  14. show the vulnerable host to <someone> related
  15. use the <knowledge> of the host in order to gain advantage over <someone>
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