Mechanika Inwazja Motywy Plague


Plague / Plaga

Co to za archetyp

Plague is primarily something which spreads. It tries to expand as far as it can in infecting whole population. This motive primarily deals with how people deal with the plague, with the infected and how the plague in itself expands.


to expand everywhere
to decay / worsen people


  1. Alter the behavior of the victim
  2. infect <someone>
  3. weaken <someone>; make them worse
  4. resist the healing because of <reason>
  5. spread using a carrier, infect a <location>
  6. breach the containment because of <reason>
  7. force officials to declare a quarantine at <location>
  8. expand remaining hidden; undetected (because of <reason>)
  9. cause panic in population because of <reason>
  10. infect a <patient zero>
  11. present previously unknown qualities or behavior of <something>
  12. enter next stage in <someone>
  13. reveal a sleeping carrier being <someone / something>
  14. present a previously unseen healing opportunity with <reason>
  15. present a political opportunity to <someone>
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