Mechanika Inwazja Motywy Nymph


Nimfa / Nymph

Co to jest

A nymph is a creature driven by her impulse. An entity which is usually related woman and lust, but as an archetype it doesn’t have to be this way. An impulsive creature which feeds on strong emotions (usually lust) and we each usually changes people’s behavior because of an unnatural beauty or any type of alluring qualities. For the creature to fulfill the nymph archetype it is enough to actually change people’s behavior, lure them with unspoken promises of something and influence their relations with others. Usually a non-combatant.


to lure and seduce


  1. lure <someone> to a dangerous <place>
  2. make <someone> overextend; do <something> recklessly what hurts him
  3. destroy relation between <someone> and <someone else> by jealousy
  4. make <someone> shunned because of their relation with a nymph
  5. make <someone> bleed money to tame and possess a nymph
  6. make <someone> obsess over a nymph no matter the reason
  7. become a tool to pierce defenses of <location>
  8. hide in the <location> being the perfect environment for her
  9. hunt <someone>, try to reach that person and pass the defenses
  10. get addicted to <something> belonging to <someone>
  11. be used as a bait to lure <someone>
  12. create a craving for <something> in <someone>
  13. hypnotize and cause awe in <someone> because of natural beauty
  14. become an object of a fight between <someone> and <someone else>; a reward
  15. manifest her inhuman nature by <event>
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