Mechanika Inwazja Motywy Null Field


Null Field / Pole nullifikacji

Co to jest

This motive deals with the field, which negates something. Null field is not an anti-field, it is small like the field which has nothing of something. This field disjuncts and disenchants everything of the particular type which should be nullified. Null field can be directed against positive or negative influences. It can be an artifact, a location, or even type of radiation.

In general, null field is source agnostic. It doesn’t care from what it originated. It negates a particular influence no matter the source. It may be powered by whatever it notifies.


to disjunct / negate
to extinguish
to disenchant / drain


  1. reveal its nature to <someone>
  2. disenchant <something> beneficial to <someone>
  3. disenchant <something> harmful to <someone>
  4. interact with <something>in unusual way modifying its properties
  5. amplify <something>negating or denying
  6. disenchant an <area> in burst impulse
  7. disappear temporarily or go into hiding
  8. require powering up; become inactive
  9. get used as a part of something bigger by <someone>
  10. become an obstacle to <someone's> plans
  11. deny passage to <someone> because of reasons
  12. present an opportunity to be used in an unusual way
  13. fail to disenchant <something> too strong for it
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