Mechanika Inwazja Motywy Magpie


Magpie / Sroczka

Co to jest:

Magpie. Usually, a small creature or entity which steals shinies and valuables. By itself, magpie is not dangerous. However, the magpie nest can be located in a very unpleasant location; also, a magpie is able to acquire something dangerous. Maybe it is a small crystallized bomb which will explode? Maybe it is a secret of some kind? Whatever it is, magpie has managed to snag it and run away with it. Magpie will try to get the shiny to its nest; it may get distracted and drop it. A shiny may get stolen from it.

All in all, we are talking about a small not dangerous thief which is not necessarily a human.


to snatch valuables / shinies


  1. relocate its nest to <location>
  2. snatch <something> valuable from <someone>
  3. acquire a key evidence / information related to <event>
  4. be hunted down by <someone>
  5. snatch <something> extremely dangerous
  6. snatch <something> embarassing or secret
  7. get blamed for <something>, innocently (<someone> else did it)
  8. snatch <something> and incite <event>; <someone> else is blamed for snatching
  9. get robbed by <someone> of <something>
  10. reveal its nest in unaccessible <location>
  11. get distracted / bribed by a different <something> which shines more
  12. get trained by <someone> to snatch <something> specifically
  13. reveal to <someone> a hidden secret of <something>
  14. be a part of a hot pursuit: be chased by <someone> under often ridiculous circumstances
  15. lose <something> shiny in transit
  16. drop breadcrumbs leading to a <location>
  17. find a lost / hidden <location> and start 'collecting' from it
  18. get identified by <someone>; get spotted / caught in act
  19. be pursued by multiple parties wanting the same; lead them to contact with each other
  20. lead <someone> to extreme danger (to location or object)
  21. have a solution to <someone>'s problem in its nest; reveal that information
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