Mechanika Inwazja Motywy Local Small Mob


Local small mob / Lokalna mała przestępczość zorganizowana

Co to jest

A small group of criminals which has usually either a council or one head honcho, which operates strictly locally. They don’t really want to expand; they simply want to be left in peace and to live better. They do tend to self restrain themselves and their group, also they tend to combat other groups which might not have the same restraint. Do not get me wrong – they are criminals. They do all those things criminals do. But they remain motivation is to live better, not to exploit everyone around mercilessly, so very often they can be considered to be lesser evil. Under some circumstances they can even be helpful to the community if their lifestyle would be endangered by the coming changes. Good example for this would be present in the “Sparhawk” novels by David Eddings.


to remain hidden, to not get attention from powerful forces
to protect their own, make sure they can live 'good life'
to profit; to live better than anyone else around; to have reputation and be attractive


  1. organize retaliation action against <someone> because of <event>
  2. threaten <someone> to stop doing <something>
  3. do <something> illegal for profit
  4. protect <someone> who belongs to them (or pays ;p)
  5. indulge in luxuries
  6. dazzle and astonish <someone> with power and riches
  7. make a show of power in front of <someone>
  8. cut back <something> not to be too visible
  9. stop <someone> from pushing the locals too hard
  10. confer with local powers (police, politicians…) <someone> to prevent <something> and protect status quo
  11. bribe / motivate <someone> into giving them <something> they want
  12. attack <someone> directly using the 'soldiers'
  13. collect <something> for pleasure and indulgence
  14. frame <someone> for distraction / as an attack
  15. reach out to <someone> to improve their reputation
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