Mechanika Inwazja Motywy Library


Library / Biblioteka

Co to za archetyp

The library is a very special place from the very beginning of our culture. It is a great equalizer, every person able to read can have access to the knowledge which once was being cut away and locked in the guilds. This is why the motive of a library is not to “hide”, it is to spread the knowledge and answer questions. It is also a place of socializing and a place of stories, beautiful and scary. A good library is a central hub of knowledge – not only the most recent one or most specialized one; it will contain the information which wants to actually be free and to be spread.

This motive is slightly internally conflicted; information wants to be free, but some information is dangerous. Library is a place of socializing, yet you need to remain silent over there. It provides news and information, yet it is never the most recent one. It is a great equalizer for people able to learn and wanting to learn, yet the more money you have the less you need libraries. Libraries are usually the enemies of authoritarians.


to answer questions
to spread knowledge


  1. reveal obscure, specialized knowledge to <someone>
  2. delay <someone> so they won't manage to do <something> in time
  3. greatly accelerate <someone>'s work beyond expectancy of others
  4. provide hidden knowledge about <something><someone> which SHOULD remain hidden
  5. connect current <event> to the past <event>
  6. provide <someone> interested in the same topic
  7. present a very valuable <something> - be it a map or a rare book or valuable object.
  8. misguide <someone>, lose someone in the wealth of knowledge
  9. give <someone> an edge they need to win <something>
  10. present <something> about the current situation which can be used
  11. grant <someone> shelter, be it mental, spiritual or physical
  12. present <someone> an artifact / dedicated tool to a similar problem
  13. present <someone> a surrogate solution to <something>, but with horrible side effects
  14. reveal horrible knowledge to <someone>, make them mad
  15. present a guardian of knowledge someone has to 'defeat' to get answers to <something>
  16. unravel an unrelated secret about <something>
  17. acquire a donor of books, interesting because of <something>
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