Mechanika Inwazja Motywy Hidden Vigilante


Hidden Vigilante

Co to jest

The hidden vigilante is a motive which focuses on a character or a group of characters who are trying to make others do the dirty work for them and remain hidden. Basically, a hidden vigilante usually plants evidence and makes several phone calls to authorities making sure that what they perceive to be a crime will be punished.
One of the most important thing for this type of a motive is that the vigilante wants to remain undetected and unseen. In perfect case, nobody will ever know that anything like that even happened.
The vigilante will fight, will defend themselves, will fight dirty and will employ all kinds of tricks. Usually this motive is not really connected with direct fighting.


to make someone’s life hell
to make something wrong right
to remain undetected at all cost


  1. plant evidence on <someone> in <location>
  2. make <someone> have problem with local criminals because of <reason>
  3. endanger <someone’s> possessions and <resource> by making <dangerous action>
  4. intercept <someone’s> communications and tell their secrets to <someone inappropriate>
  5. damage <someone’s> reputation and social standing using <something inappropriate>
  6. blackmail target with <something very embarrassing> to do <something>
  7. call authorities to raid <someone> because <event>
  8. disrupt <someone’s> operations and actions by <event>
  9. sabotage <something> important to <someone> to cause <event>
  10. steal <something> embarrassing / problematic and plant it in <location>
  11. make <someone> do <something risky / illegal> to make them caught by authorities
  12. let <someone> know they are the target because of <action from the past>
  13. divert pursuers to a trap in <location> designed so the vigilante can escape
  14. avoid detection by hiring <someone> to pose as the vigilante
  15. engage in combat directly, as a last resort, in <location>
  16. hire someone random to pass a <message> to <someone> in order to cause an <event>
  17. meet with <someone having power> in order to coordinate taking down the target
  18. show or explain the <reason> for doing all this
  19. pour lots of <resources> in order to get to a target
  20. race the pursuers in <location> in order to gain <resource>
  21. steal <something important> and frame <someone else>
  22. get cornered by a group in a <location>
  23. acquire an <information> necessary to cause an <event>
  24. make a grand show in the form of an <event> and do not even appear there
  25. be unable to act because of <someone>
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