Mechanika Inwazja Motywy Forbidden Magic


Forbidden magic / Zakazana magia

Co to za archetyp

The forbidden magic is a motive presenting a power which is able to solve many problems at a price. Usually, forbidden magic is forbidden for a reason. It does something to people using it and the side effects of its use greatly outnumber the positive effects. There might be cases, where forbidden magic is not a problem – but in general, if the population was able to actively use forbidden magic the world would go to catastrophe.

Keep in mind that the “magic” part of this is just a hint. In the peaceful world, the violence can be “forbidden magic”. In cyberpunk, it can be a chip which gives you more abilities than usual. Overall, although it does corrupt, the question is: does the corruption come from the fact that forbidden magic is evil by itself? All the corruption results from the fact that human nature is what it is? That’s for you to answer.


to corrupt the user / victims
to lure others to use it; to solve problems with side effects
to get revealed to cause damage


  1. be used in good intentions by <someone> to so <something>
  2. make <someone>'s wish a reality
  3. attract 'demons' (forces related to the type of 'forbidden magic')
  4. get used in clumsy way with <something> as side effect
  5. separate <someone> from general society (think: Kira/Death Note)
  6. show <someone> the side effects unseen to a user
  7. make <someone> go past the point of no return doing <something>
  8. require escalation of <something> or take away the power
  9. sow paranoia and discord among society because of <event>
  10. masquerade as a non-forbidden force of <something>
  11. spawn a small cult or following around it because of <something>
  12. spawn a fanatic or two who wants <something> to happen
  13. radicalize <someone> because of <event>
  14. corrupt <someone> innocent who was unfortunate because of <event>
  15. present the clues about the nature of forbidden magic
  16. manifest a horrible deed in <something>
  17. cause ruination of <someone> as victim
  18. solve <something> - an impossible problem of <someone>
  19. make <someone> (user) desperately hide <something> - evidence
  20. threaten <someone>'s reputation if unraveled
  21. make <someone> act under being drunk with power
  22. make <someone> question what is right and what is wrong
  23. present <something> to <someone> as a solution to <something>
  24. dazzle / astonish / shock <someone> with the manifestation of its power
  25. force conspiracy upon <someone> innocent
  26. lead <someone> to evil deed by escalation
  27. destabilize the local balance of power; <someone> gains strong upper hand
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