Mechanika Inwazja Motywy Dangerous Creature


Dangerous creature / Niebezpieczna istota

Co to jest:

A dangerous creature is that shadow in the dark, it is the dangerous creature you cannot reason with, yet which is around and causes a lot of pressure. It can be a lion threatening the village, it can also be a deranged cultist in the city. Main component of this archetype – you cannot reason with a dangerous creature, you can tame it or control it or steer it somewhere, but it just is. It’s nature is to hunt and prowl and maim and be generally dangerous.

The creature can be quite natural, yet it can be quite exotic as well. This motive is not concerned with the question is the creature in its territory or is it in foreign territory.


to be a menace
to prowl and hunt


  1. scare <someone> by its presence, but do not attack
  2. <someone> attempts to trap and kill it
  3. <someone> attempts to trap and tame it
  4. successfully hunt <something> which stands no chance
  5. interrupt something important which <someone> was doing
  6. reveal it has valuable properties or helpful properties to <someone>
  7. cause an evacuation of a <location>
  8. kill <someone> and leave trails
  9. display previously unknown properties by <event>
  10. get away from a <location>, disappear
  11. hurt / poison <someone>
  12. display it is not alone; it has a family here
  13. appear in a <location> considered to be safe
  14. go into hiding
  15. become an object of gossip, causing an <event>
  16. endanger <someone>’s economic interests by <something>
  17. accidentally reveal <something> which <someone> wanted to hide
  18. get used by <someone> as a trap or a weapon against <someone else>
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