Mechanika Inwazja Motywy Competent Police


Competent Police / Kompetentna policja

Co to jest

The competent police force is something not from the comedy. This organization tries to actually uphold law and order in the city or in the neighborhood, they do act proactively and they have some touch with the community – usually much more than only “some touch”. They are very efficient and even if they do sometimes go outside the bounds of what they are supposed to do, they at least try to remain within the law. The law is what actually constraints them, yet the very moment they step outside of it they become nothing better than sanctioned mobsters.


to keep peace and order; to protect the law
to improve the state of people and environment around


  1. go in pursuit of <someone>
  2. find a trail leading to <someone> connected with <something>
  3. arrest <someone> over <something> they did
  4. arrest <someone> over <something> to buy time / force <someone else> to move
  5. get information about <something> from the community
  6. make a trap to catch <someone>
  7. get information about <event> which will happen soon
  8. interrogate <someone> successfully getting <information>
  9. call reinforcements against <something>
  10. find out <something> what <someone> was trying to hide
  11. tail <someone> to find <something>
  12. investigate <someone> to gather knowledge about <something>
  13. investigate <something> to piece a theory together
  14. connect the present <event> with <something> in the past
  15. secure <something> as evidence
  16. protect <someone> to be a witness
  17. testify in a court against <someone>
  18. send <something> to the lab (specialty stuff)
  19. diffuse a difficult situation <event> without bloodshed
  20. surround and move in to eliminate <someone> - a group / gang in their defensible position
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