Mechanika Inwazja Motywy Black Cult


Black Cult / Czarny Kult

Co to jest

The black cult is an organization designed to control the lives of its members. They are not a doomsday cult, neither they consider themselves to be evil. The black cult is an entity organized around one or more gurus. As with every sect, this one wants to grow and grow and grow. The black cult is never satisfied as long as every single person will be a part of the religion.

The black cult is something more than just an organization trying to expand to everyone; the other part of the cult is the fact they want to control the thoughts of the members. There has to be an idea, something grander than them to which everyone must submit. In the immortal words of After Forever’s song “I will follow you, accept my soul, I should make my life subordinate to you.”


to expand influence, to grow, to encompass everyone
to control people's thoughts
to purge the heretics


  1. make <someone> pass the Rite of Passage before accepting him as their own
  2. give <something> to <someone> as a reward for <event>
  3. preach their creed to <someone> and show how it will help them in their life
  4. create a shell organization to lure <someone> to the cult
  5. make an elaborate ritual in order to <something>
  6. make a show of unity and of power to impress <someone>
  7. create, use or show <something> which is a relic of the cult
  8. decree <someone> to be a heretic or an enemy
  9. attack <someone> as a heretic or an enemy with no trace of mercy
  10. demand <something> out of <someone> under great consequences
  11. take root <somewhere>
  12. fight fanatically, no matter the cost
  13. improve the life of <someone> belonging to a cult
  14. …and then <someone> was a hidden agent all along
  15. send a group of cultists to overpower <someone> in order to get <something>
  16. threaten / blackmail <someone> important stealthily
  17. destroy <something> in their path showing no humanity, just obedience
  18. purge their ranks from the weak and doubting leading to <event>
  19. sow discord and anarchy among <location>, presenting themselves as the only force to keep peace.
  20. lure / create <someone> dangerous to become a prophet or a messiah
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