Mechanika Inwazja Motywy Avenger


Avenger / Mściciel

Co to jest:

The avenger is mostly a temporary motive. This one is focused around the person who has one singular goal: make sure someone pays for what they have done. Avenger used to either half something or be a part of something and someone else has taken it away from him. Or, the avenger thinks that someone else has taken it away. As it stands, avenger sees no purpose in life other than to have revenge upon the perpetrator. Why I said it is a temporary archetype: it is very difficult to keep emotions high and intense, and a person who is actually driven by those types of emotions tend to make mistakes and does not really leave long, especially in the world of Invasion.


to make sure <someone> suffers for <something>
to hurt <someone> really, really badly.


  1. remind <someone> the reason why avenger is on their tail
  2. attack <something> which is dear to <someone>
  3. hit <someone>'s reputation, frame them
  4. organize <someone>'s opponents, help them organize against that <someone>
  5. destroy <something> <someone> loves and cares about
  6. engage in fight with <someone> directly
  7. provide assistance to <someone>'s enemies
  8. make <someone> a laughingstock, damage their reputation
  9. hurt <someone> random, by accident or by misdirection
  10. redirect <someone>'s operations to reduce gain / maximize loss / hit someone unrelated
  11. masquerade to be <someone else>
  12. ally with <someone> to deal a vicious blow later
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