Mechanika Inwazja Motywy Assimilating Hive


Assimilating hive / Asymilujący rój

Co to jest:

This variant of the hive is trying to expand as far as possible and to convert everything which is possible to be converted. It tries to become self-sustaining and to eliminate any type of danger; to get the critical mass enough to become safe from the environment.
In particular, assimilating hive tries to create the communication channels and resource channels to power the core. It is able to assimilate creatures and entities and to specialize particular drones to its purpose. Not malicious by nature, if something does not stand in the way of the hive it is being ignored.
As an opponent, this one does not have its “soul”. It is a hive. It is a clockwork machine. It rarely, if ever, has a goal – it usually has a purpose it wants to fulfill.
Doesn’t make it not dangerous, though.


to expand and sustain its operations
to fulfill its purpose
to convert and adapt everything to the purpose


  1. assimilate <someone> as a drone stealthily
  2. create a trap using <event> in <location> to assimilate a group of people
  3. tackle the dangerous <something> head on; swarm it with drones
  4. put <someone> (drone) in danger; someone important because of <reason>
  5. specialize a drone to fulfill a specific <purpose>
  6. send drones to acquire <something> as a particular <resource type>
  7. raid <location> for resources
  8. infest a <location>; relocate the hive core there
  9. fortify the <location> with heavy defenses because of <reason>
  10. be used by <someone> as a diversion to achieve <something>
  11. be used by <someone> to destroy their enemies
  12. present a drone to <someone> to show the nature of the problem
  13. ignore <someone> because they are not of concern to the hive
  14. converge the forces at <location> because of a <reason>
  15. start assimilating to expand rapidly because of <event>
  16. run low on <resource> and start harvesting it from <location>
  17. cause panic and chaos in <location>
  18. optimize the supply lines / process, getting surplus of <resource>
  19. optimize the supply lines / process, showing <someone> a weak spot
  20. present an opportunity to steal the <resource> from it to <someone>
  21. have the <resource> cut off by <something>, forcing process restructurization
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