Mechanika Inwazja Archetypy Truthseeker


Truthseeker / Poszukiwacz prawdy

Co to za archetyp

The seeker of truth is an archetype which focuses on trying to find out what is true, what is real, to rip the veil apart, to unmask the reality for what it is. For the truth seeker the consequences of knowing what the truth is are less important than uncovering the reality.

This one might even know that uncovering the truth might be dangerous or might hurt a lot of people. The truth seeker may share the knowledge with others or may keep it to himself. All in all, the hunger in truth seeker will not be satiated as long, as he does not know what he wants to know.

Determined to know the truth, practically unstoppable, grasping at every possible loose straw, this archetype is extremely analytical, very good at combining different things together, usually has very good memory and it is well implemented by scientists, detectives, paranoids.


to uncover the truth
to understand the issue completely


  1. ask very difficult question about <something>
  2. notice, that <something> is wrong, <something> does not suit the pattern
  3. find an unlikely <witness>, an obscure <source of information>
  4. go <somewhere> to personally make sure everything is found
  5. confront <someone>, prepared for different possibilities
  6. create an unlikely theory
  7. create a trap to uncover <something>
  8. accept the consequences of <something> because of reasons
  9. use the knowledge one should not have to <something>
  10. bait <someone> with partial knowledge
  11. stealth, move silently, try to witness <something>
  12. double check the evidence, search for <something> not found
  13. combine <things> which seemed to be unrelated
  14. make a dangerous move because of <reasons>
  15. blackmail / force <someone> to divulge the information about <something>
  16. get baited by <someone> because the truth is out there
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