Mechanika Inwazja Archetypy Supremacist



Co to za archetyp

The supremacist is an archetype which focus in the person who considers one group to be better than the other groups. Examples of a supremacist: a white guy who considers all black people to be inferior, a radical feminist who considers only women to have rights, and elf who considers elves to be a master race. Basically, a person who treats one group with preference to others or treats some groups of people like inferiors based on some arbitrary criteria.


to prefer some people over others
to help one group of people at the expense of the others


  1. openly favor <someone> from group X in <event>
  2. set the rules in a way that <someone> prospers the most
  3. indoctrinate <someone> in supremacist ideology
  4. mercilessly exploit <someone>
  5. research ways in which <a group> can dominate others
  6. deny lawful actions to <someone>
  7. boycott <someone>’s business; organize a boycott
  8. infiltrate <a group>; deceive them; cause internal strife
  9. rob <someone> from the resources
  10. make <his group> ally against others because of engineered threat
  11. collect <something> from like-minded or sympathizers
  12. spew propaganda and stories of inferiority using <event>
  13. engineer a proof of inferiority or superiority using <event>
  14. provoke or anger <someone> causing <event>
  15. treat <something> or <someone> as an example of his ideology
  16. engineer raids or fires or protests against <someone>
  17. attack <someone> and torment them for fun or as example
  18. put lesser in their place
  19. make advancements in <something> at cost of <someone>
  20. experiment unethically on <someone>
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