Mechanika Inwazja Archetypy Silk Hiding Steel


Silk Hiding Steel

Co to za archetyp

Archetyp zazwyczaj kojarzony z kobietami; elegancka, uprzejma i zawsze dobrze wychowana dama, która zawsze dostaje czego chce na drodze walki czy manipulacji oraz nie zawaha się osobiście wkroczyć do walki i działania.


to keep the ladylike class
to arrange everything to work as she wants


  1. unnerve / provoke <someone> with stoicism and grace
  2. serve <something nice> to <someone> with pleasure
  3. organize / inspire <someone> around herself
  4. appear weak and vulnerable to <someone>
  5. strike <someone> directly with concealed <weapon>
  6. smile gently in the face of terror / danger of <something>
  7. outsmart <someone> and maneuever to have an upper hand
  8. act polite and proper doing <something> because of <reason>
  9. plan <something> dangerous and execute it flawlessly
  10. endure horrendous beating / assault from <someone>
  11. shield / protect <someone> important using intrigue
  12. hire an assasin / agent to help in political issues against <someone>
  13. find weak spot in <someone's> plan and exploit it
  14. use diplomacy to disarm <someone>
  15. imprison <someone> using politics and guile
  16. stop the fight with a stern look / impassionate speech
  17. manipulate <someone> into doing <something>
  18. orchestrate an <event> using agents
  19. work hard for pleasure
  20. use her social network to change the balance of power
  21. fulfill an order to the letter… warping its spirit
  22. destroy someone's reputation
  23. use subtlety to achieve <something>
  24. gather unexpected allies unable to work together because of personalities
  25. reveal incriminating / secret / hidden information to <someone>
  26. give shelter to <someone> against the will of <someone else>
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