Mechanika Inwazja Archetypy Sentinel


Sentinel / Obrońca

Co to jest

The Sentinel is an archetype which is focused on defending someone and protecting someone or something. The main motivation of a Sentinel is to protect; defend; to guard. A Sentinel may not have the Paladin’s morals, but he definitely has dedication and everything he does, he does to defend and care about something. The Sentinel doesn’t have to consider himself inferior to that something; he may, but for the Sentinel, that something is the reason of his actions.


to protect <something> / <someone>
to defend <something> / <someone>
to care about <something> / <someone>


  1. shield <someone> or <something> from harm
  2. reinforce <someone> with resources
  3. create a distraction
  4. argue about the best course of action in relation to <something>
  5. ask very uncomfortable questions about <something>; get close to truth
  6. take <something’> interests above anything else
  7. try to secure everything needed in the future for <something> to prosper
  8. make a sacrifice for <something> to thrive
  9. subsume his own desires for <something's> glory
  10. work on the public-relations related to <something>
  11. rally the reinforcements to defend <something>
  12. do something extremely dangerous to take heat because of <reasons>
  13. use the situation to better or improve <something>
  14. enter the losing situation to salvage as much as possible
  15. force a hard choice on <someone>
  16. prove the dedication to <something> over everything else
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