Mechanika Inwazja Archetypy Scientist


Scientist / Naukowiec

Co to za archetyp

This archetype is about a person who is mostly interested in understanding the very fabric of reality in a particular area or in many areas. A scientist is more of a thinker and experimenter then an engineer (who is mostly a doer and optimizer). Scientist deals with brilliant discoveries, new, often not very practical ideas. Scientists make things deemed impossible happen, though whatever they do is usually not possible to be repeated on larger scale.


to understand <something>
to create and test <theory>
to spread the knowledge about <something>


  1. explain <something> to <someone> hoping for funding / help
  2. spread the knowledge about <something> with <consequences>
  3. try to prove a revolutionary <theory>
  4. make a very costly experiment which requires <something> as a resource
  5. create a <prototype of something> which requires testing
  6. threaten <someone's> interests with an idea / prototype
  7. make <something> impossible happen, but in a very impractical way
  8. make a risky <experiment> requiring a volunteer
  9. give <someone> a prototype in order to do <something>
  10. run out of <resources> and require assistance getting more
  11. defy advice and continue his work regardless of <something>
  12. provide a solution to a very difficult problem
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