Mechanika Inwazja Archetypy Rebel


The Rebel / Rebeliant

Co to za archetyp

Someone, who rebels against someone and something,


to defy <something>
to spread rebellion


  1. try convincing <someone> of the <ideals>
  2. make a small, insignificant act of defiance in form of <something>
  3. sabotage <something>
  4. make a merciless, highly visible <action>
  5. put out pamphlets and documents to rally against <something>
  6. make <enemies' action> visible spreading <something>
  7. spin rumours about <something>
  8. assassinate / character-assassinate <someone>
  9. distract enemy using <something>
  10. prepare to launch a major operation against <someone, something>
  11. break a particular <rule> just because
  12. go a step too far hurting <someone>
  13. vandalise / destroy <something>
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