Mechanika Inwazja Archetypy Narcissist


The narcissist / Narcyz

Co to za archetyp

The narcissist is a character for whom everything needs to result around him. The narcissist is the most beautiful, most ingenious, most everything person in the entire world. And not only narcissist thinks that way, but everyone around needs to think that way too. Narcissists usually not care about others that much, those others are tools rather than friends. Everything is about “them” and “their plans”. They can have redeeming qualities. ?


to show their superiority
to admire themselves and their actions
to make others admire them


  1. treat <someone> as an extension of his will
  2. blame <someone> for the failures
  3. do <something> extremely risky
  4. let the ego to the work in a particular <situation>
  5. convince <someone> with absolute self-confidence
  6. act on self centered desires, do <something>
  7. attempt a seemingly impossible <task>
  8. do <something> socially less acceptable
  9. fail to do <something> because of the vanity
  10. work really hard on <something> to be important and admired
  11. be incapable of acknowledging <his flaws, something>
  12. prioritize looks and style over <everything else>
  13. present or accept a challenge because of <reasons>
  14. be unmoved / unfazed by <something>
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