Mechanika Inwazja Archetypy Local Mobster


Local Mobster / Lokalny mafiozo

Co to za archetyp

Local mobster is a person who deals with criminal stuff. He thinks of himself as of the businessman not necessarily a criminal. His actions improve the environment around yet one of his main goals is to improve his wealth and protect the ones he calls his own. Rarely if ever a local mobster moves on the mission himself. He usually uses henchmen and other people to do the dirty work.
Amoral and ruthless, local mobster is a dangerous opponent.


to expand wealth / influence
to protect their own


  1. deal something illegal to <someone>
  2. attack the rival over <something>
  3. claim <someone's> territory
  4. help <someone> in need
  5. sabotage local police
  6. adopt <someone> to the family
  7. share the spoils with <someone>
  8. improve their surroundings by <doing something>
  9. create or import counterfeit <goods>
  10. manipulate the local gambling to <reason>
  11. bribe <someone> to look the other way
  12. give <someone> a shark loan
  13. recruit <someone> to do the dirty work
  14. extort <the local small business>
  15. make <someone> dependent on them
  16. deal with <someone> properly
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