Mechanika Inwazja Archetypy Intrepid Reporter


Intrepid Reporter / Nieustraszony Reporter

Co to za archetyp

Reporter śledczy, osoba, która zbiera informacje na jakiś temat (zwykle dość blisko i osobiście) i próbuje wpłynąć na rzeczywistość przez publikację artykułów i ujawnienie sekretów, które zdaniem potężnych i możnych nie powinny wyjść na jaw. Zwykle angażuje się w sprawę dużo bardziej niż powinien.


to uncover the truth
to let the public know


  1. become a witness to <something> very inappropriate
  2. publish an article which interests <side> earlier not interested in the situation
  3. talk with witnesses who should remain silent
  4. break the law to acquire <information>
  5. become an object of attack by <someone>
  6. narrowly avoid death / injury
  7. rush into danger
  8. acquire OR expose a secret very damaging to <someone>
  9. stumble across a clue and pick up the investigation
  10. hide the clue from <someone> because wants to be the first
  11. use the web of connections to get information about <something>
  12. question the results of the <investigation>
  13. find a weakness in the <facade>
  14. change the public opinion about the <event>
  15. manipulate people to get access to <information> using the journalist's badge
  16. cause unrest and riots
  17. reveal the <truth> behind the <facade>
  18. get hints that something is wrong from the press
  19. create a dead man's hand
  20. escape from a dangerous situation
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