Mechanika Inwazja Archetypy Goodmoralperson


Good Moral Person / Dobra, moralna osoba

Co to za archetyp

This archetype deals with a normal good person. This type of archetype usually tries to simply live well. This might not sound very exciting but this archetype is the “good neighbor” in the population. Usually helps other people, tries to live well and do not harm the others, this forms the positive part of the community.


to be a good person
to live well
to improve the community


  1. help <someone> in need
  2. appreciate the hard work of <someone>; encourage them
  3. protest or do <something> against the injustice
  4. donate to a good <cause> (time, money, items)
  5. integrate the society around <something>
  6. state an opinion on <something>
  7. improve the surroundings / neighborhood
  8. do <something> what is right in the <situation>
  9. volunteer to do <something>
  10. do <the job> well, do not wait for recognition
  11. expend <resources> for <greater cause> anonymously
  12. help <someone> who would never appreciate it
  13. shield <someone> weaker
  14. work really hard, make <something> unlikely happen
  15. make <someone> smile in the dark hour
  16. establish contact with <someone>; get a friend
  17. match <someone> with <someone> having <something> in common
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