Mechanika Inwazja Archetypy Ambitious Subordinate


Ambitious Subordinate / Ambitny podwładny

Co to za archetyp

Ambitious subordinate is an archetype describing a usually competent person who has ambition beyond her current position. An ambitious subordinate is willing to take quite many risks in order to get noticed and promoted by her superior, and his abilities and competencies to materialize results from those risks and avert most of potential problems. An ambitious subordinate likes to operate alone, behind enemy lines, having a lot of responsibility with possible high level of rewards. What motivates her the most is the power resulting from the position and the chain of command; this type of person seems incorruptible, while in reality she is corruptible, but not with normal resources. This archetype says nothing about her morals; only about her competences and craving for recognition.


to get noticed by her superiors, to get promoted
to be recognized by her competencies and efficiency


  1. Hide her mistakes from <someone> using <resource>
  2. cut off the communications to be able to operate alone to resolve <something>
  3. volunteer to complete a very difficult task of <task>; get accepted or refused
  4. attempts to solve the problem with a nonstandard plan which was not considered because of <reason>
  5. pour her own <resource> to brute force the victory at the personal cost
  6. raise the stakes and set constraints on her possible actions (in short, handicap herself) in order to boost potential recognition in front of <someone>
  7. attempts to conscript a political ally in form of <someone> to be able to get noticed
  8. help <someone> in their goal using her own <resource> for reciprocity in the future
  9. secure a <resource> crucial for longer-term thinking in terms of her goal or her leader’s goal
  10. voluntarily provide her superiors a <resource> absolutely necessary for their plan (from her pockets / previously commandeered)
  11. maximize the gain for her superiors at cost of <someone>
  12. do <something> which is very good in short-term, but because of <reason> is bad in long-term
  13. make <someone> equal to her look bad to get on top of the rat race
  14. execute an <order> in a way she (and her superior) looks good, not in the best way for the whole force
  15. predict the needs of her superior and deliver <something> to him
  16. compete against <someone> on the same side she is
  17. overextend doing <something> and get in trouble because of <reason>
  18. lose/fail <something> because she was too proud to call for reinforcements
  19. prioritize her side and status over <something> very important or <someone> dear to her
  20. manipulate the <situation> to maximize her personal benefits
  21. take initiative in the <situation> and turn <something> around
  22. engage in public relations by means of <something>
  23. openly turn against <someone>
  24. let her competent side override her ambitious side in <situation>
  25. have a breakdown; lose faith in <someone>; lose hope she will be able to get what she wants
  26. do <something> she would consider unacceptable in the past
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