151228 Nobility Curtain Eternal Da

The Curtain and the Nobility – the eternal dance.

The Silver Candle has always had several major forces which boil within it. One of those forces is a natural force which comes from within the guild; as the guild is large, very bureaucratic and very constraining, it is very difficult to actually do something. This leads to the people who want to do something being quite frustrated.

One of the most typical ways to resolve the frustration – especially in the world of Magi where a mage is not really controlled by his peers – is to simply take whatever you need to make your dream happen. Stronger eats the weaker, Wild West world. Be it interesting experiments, wanting to be noticed by his peers or love interests, or simply indulge in one’s desires, all those things require some action. Some freedom. Ability to do something, to break free from the shackles of bureaucracy and apathy. This constructive (sometimes very destructive) energy manifests in the movements which try to expand the freedom of a mage, to expand the abilities a mage can have inside the Silver candle. A current iteration of this faction is currently called “Nobility”.

The Nobles, in the very essence, say that the old aristocracy of Silver candle is pointless and needlessly constraining. That the now blood is required for the guild to function. That the guild is too bureaucratic and too much into politicking; is it because do anything because of stupid politics and the fact that the powerful ones have resources which they can’t even use. Besides the fact that they can actually oppress the young blood and they are not really using the resources, letting the world pass them by and doing nothing. They want things to happen and they want redistribution of goods. Especially – as they truly believe – after the Eclipse. The Eclipse has left a lot of Magi without power, but they still have goods, artifacts, vicinius and servants. This extremely dangerous from their point of view, because if a mage does not have power anymore than the mage is not able to control whatever happens around; magical anomalies may happen and very negative side effects may come into place.

Shortly after the Eclipse the Nobles have managed to score a major victory – they have managed to pass a law that a mage needs to possess enough magic power to control his assets, otherwise those assets shall be stripped from him – this caused a lot of good magi to have their memory erased and be introduced to the world of people (normal, human people), sometimes for the first time in their life. This allowed several Nobles to get into positions of power.

Another force, which also comes from within the candle and which is always positioned against the Nobles is something realized currently by “Steel Curtain”. The curtain always starts with a few people (Magi) who try to help each other and defend each other from other magi. The curtain either comes after the nobility starts to become strong, or it appears after some kind of tyrant takes over a particular part of the silver candle, but they always start as a small circle of people helping each other against the stronger force. Basically, they start at what silver candle used to be in the very beginning.

Currently, the curtain is led by Emilia Kołatka; all the more powerful and influential magi of the curtain either were destroyed by the nobles or by forces external to silver candle. This has created a strong shift in power inside silver candle, one which is not really safe for neither the nobles nor the curtain nor the candle itself; for the candle to work properly all the forces need to be in kind of equilibrium – if the nobility is destroyed, magi turn apathetic, because they cannot change the fate. If the curtain is destroyed, the stronger rule the weaker. If the nobility is too strong, the candle needs to attack them, otherwise the weaponization of magic will return. If the curtain becomes too strong, they will simply take over the candle like it happened when Sowiński bloodline overtook Caesar bloodline.

Although for the current generation of Magi the curtain and the nobility is something new, those two forces are in eternal dance and as long as the dance takes place the energy is generated inside silver candle and the guild stays alive. The anomalies and discrepancies of the current cycle are the result of the Eclipse and the heavy damage of Painful Wax which was caused by Karradrael and Jonatan Maus shortly after he took over the Maus bloodline.

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