151124 The Legend Of Fire Suit

The legend of the fire suit.

One of the important elements of Zajcew legends is the so-called “fire suit”. It is partially a pun on a power suit, partially days something combined with the beliefs of Zajcew magi. Fire is an element of purification, something, which can burn through everything. Power suit is something which protects the wearer from environmental harm and enemies.

Of course, Zajcew, being the people of legends and people of prism, they knew it is impossible to actually create such a fire suit. It would have to be too powerful to be used; too dangerous for a user and – it would not be possible to function on Siberia grounds. So pragmatic Zajcew did what they usually do – they have created a legend around the fire suit, a legend powerful enough to be able to actually make fire suit work.

There exists a special type of alcohol created from the pure magic itself. It is named Siberion. As in “Siberian alcohol”. Zajcew joke, that it is a one of the elements of creation, like other elements: gold, silver, copper, iron, helium. Because they have stated so, Siberion became one of the elements of the reality, at least on Siberia. Because of prismatic powers of Siberia; the power of paradigm and because Siberion is an alcohol extracted from pure magic of Siberia, Siberion actually inherit the prismatic powers of the pure magic itself. And fire suit is an entity which feeds off Siberion. To properly function, fire suit needs the Siberion which only expands the properties of this particular armor.

So what we have is a kind of defensive suit which is able to purify everything, having very destructive powers and which additionally requires Siberion to properly function and to power itself. It is literally a stuff of legends, because without those legends and without believing that it works like this it simply stops working. And here is another problem which Zajcew magi stumbled upon – how the hell do you use a suit which stops working the moment you stop believing it can work. Not to mention the amount of fuel it requires.

Therefore wise Zajcew magi created legends around fire suit. If everyone can use something, this will never ever work. It will be plebeian. It cannot be strong everyone can use it. So some kind of exclusivity is needed – some kind of trade-off. The greater the consequences, the greater the cost. And this is why fire suit is not really used often and why for possible properties of its powers are manifested whatever it is actually activated.

To actually use fire suit is not a simple task. First of all, only a mage which feels wronged is even able to attempt summoning a fire suit. Fire suit cannot be used by someone who is considered to be stronger than the opponents; this is something which can be used only by a weaker party. Second, to summon a fire suit requires naming a particular person against which the fire suit is going to be used. You cannot use fire suit against a bloodline or against an organization; fire suit is a personal vendetta. Something, which requires a direct challenge. Third, to use a fire suit properly a person willing to use it needs to inform opponents that the fire suit is going to be used against them. This is not something which can be done from the shadows. You need to face the consequences of dropping anything connected to deceit. Fire suit is supposed to compensate your weakness when you are attempting to challenge someone. Fourth, fire suit is purifying. If you attempt to have your event using a fire suit, no matter if you succeed or fail you will never be able to hold the grudge against that person again (that is, until the other person does something against you again); therefore fire suit gives you one shot at your opponent. Fifth, if you use a fire suit it will be recorded and a story will be created – either the story about a Zajcew mage who boldly challenged an opponent with a fire suit and won or the story about a Zajcew mage who did not have enough conviction in heart and fire suit denied him his revenge. The history is littered with Magi from both story lines.

So fire suit is something which is final, something which can be attempted only by a really determined Zajcew and which will then become a story for others to hear and learn. This actually very important, because the story of a Zajcew who simply donned a fire suit to go out there and kill his opponent is a lousy story. One can have his revenge, but it will hurt the reputation of a Zajcew a lot. The story is bad, therefore the Zajcew who donned the fire suit was bad. It might not be very pragmatic, and history has stories like those, but if a Zajcew strives towards greatness they will probably use a slightly different approach.

Here, another requirement is added. If you use a fire suit against someone, no matter if Zajcew or not, that person is able to use fire suit against you as well. And you cannot take revenge for having fire suit used against you; otherwise you will simply die – fire suit creates a Blood Mark on you; at least for a year you cannot take revenge against the person who used fire suit against you in retaliation for you using the fire suit. As Blood Mark is prismatic in nature, it reads intentions not facts. Very powerful tool for deterring Zajcew from endless vendettas they would use against each other.

How does the fire suit work and how does it really operate: it feeds off Siberion. If you do not have Siberion you are not able to activate the fire suit. Fortunately, Siberion does not dilute; you can always apply more magic to a pile of Siberion to get more of the liquid Siberion. As this is an alcohol, it is transported in large kegs. As kegs are used to transport alcohol, Siberion is still contained in them; great care has been created by Zajcew elders to make sure everybody knows that normal, wooden kegs are able to completely contain magical Siberion. Because of how prismatic powers work, the kegs work.

So to initiate fire suit you need some Siberion. This gives a user of the fire suit very strong prismatic abilities. If a user believes they can fly in the fire suit, they will be able to actually do it. If a user believes that fire suit will grant him the power of crushing rocks in his bare hands, that is what will happen. This is a true power of the fire suit; to properly catalyze it, every story about fire suit has been crafted in such a way, that fire suit always granted the user exactly the abilities the user require it to defeat an obstacle. And not a single power more. This has been created due to two reasons: one, to make sure that if Zajcew uses fire suit they actually had some plan not let’s load up all possible artillery and massacre an opponent. Two, to make better stories. Three, to reduce Contamination on a mage to the absolute minimum. Operating on a raw Siberion is bound to Contaminate a mage very strongly; it is a raw magical energy distilled into alcohol. The worst possible thing. On top of prismatic abilities of the fire suit, it also gives a user some resilience and some power suit types of components. In the same time it stresses the user tremendously, lowering the possible uptime of fire suit to reasonable minimum. Even a mage’s body is not able to withstand such a pure energy combined with prismatic powers for too long.

If you have read all that, dear reader, you might think that fire suit is dangerous. It totally is. It is something which came directly from the Zajcew soul – it is challenging, flashy, dangerous and the material for awesome tales at the fire camp. Especially in Siberia.

Now; the greatest weakness of fire suit is the fact that it has been engineered by Zajcew magi, not has been created as a legend long time ago. The moment people stop believing in fire suit, the fire suit will stop working. So what did Zajcew do? Simple – after engineering the legend and spreading it via storytellers, they have simply forgotten (completely willingly forgotten using magical elixirs) that they have engineered the fire suit legend. That way, most people actually believed in another story from Zajcew’s bards and Siberia provided. As it always does.

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