Rod Zajcew


The bloodline of Zajcew.

Usually, Zajcew magi are looked at as great, fiery personas, ones who are loud and boasting all the time. They tend to be very impulsive and they are larger-than-life – a Zajcew can throw a chair at you and then be surprised, that you didn’t dodge. We also associate Zajcew magi with fire magic – they usually master this type of force. Add the jovial personality, liking parties and the brawls, challenging everything that moves (and sometimes it doesn’t move) and you have a kind of a force of nature, something “normal” people don’t know how to deal with.

And the reality is even more interesting.

Zajcew bloodline starts at Siberia, or rather – the truth about a Zajcew bloodline comes from Siberia. And no Zajcew would ever tell you what the truth really is; very often they do not know and they do not want to know.

Siberia is a place of legends. This place is very strange; everything on Siberia seems to be larger-than-life. Everything actually is “larger” - there are some seriously strange things going on in Siberia, things, which are the stuff of legends. The funny thing is that those are stuff of legends. Siberia is very close to powerful extraplanar energies after the fall of arildis meteorite. Siberia is, actually, a Prismatic Place of power. A place were Paradigm shapes reality. In other words, if you really believe in something, Siberia will make it real. If you really feel something, Siberia will make it real. Any time you feel very strong emotions about something, Siberia will make it reality. All your hopes, dreams, nightmares.

And this is the reality were a Zajcew bloodline was created.

Zajcew magi are not a hive entity, like Maus. They are not a tightly knit family, like Diakon. They are, however, very clan based; families are very tightly knit together. This was the requirement of Siberian reality.
This means, that if you have a Zajcew and if you befriend one, you will befriend his family by proxy. If you are the fact, that there exists some think like Eastern hospitality – in today’s reality a Zajcew mage might be looked at as naïve and easy to exploit. Zajcew magi have a proverb “if someone comes to you, help them or feed him to herrings. But first time - help him”.

Actually, there is a funny story concerning herrings and Zajcew, and being naïve. Someone went to Siberia to trade with Zajcew. Mistake number one. The trader heard a lot of “Zajcew and the herrings” stories, so he decided to exploit naivety and make a joke. He told Zajcew the story about a very dangerous breed of an animal, red herrings. Concerned Zajcew folks went with him to search for red herrings and didn’t find any. The trader then went people into Siberia, spreading the red herrings story. In the end, he got eaten by herrings. They were vicious like nothing ever before. And they were red. Siberia provided.

Right, the herrings. When one thinks about herrings, they usually think about aquatic fish which are on the table and which are not very dangerous. Not Siberian herrings, no. Siberian herrings are like small velociraptors; small vicious fish with legs which hunt in packs and cooperates more or less, very dangerous and very bloodthirsty. Also, you may find mammoths in Siberia. Some of them will be invisible; if they were not, someone would have found them earlier. This may sound absurd but this is how Siberia works – it takes stories, beliefs, tales and convictions to materialize them and modify them.

This is why Zajcew magi are very good storytellers and this is why they are boasting and challenging things all the time – if a Zajcew mage believes he is able to arm wrestle a mammoth, it is quite possible Siberia will provide him the ability to arm wrestle a mammoth because of Prismatic Paradigm. So in Siberia being a loudmouth and being full of yourself is not a tactical mistake; it is actually a way to survive. A side effect is the fact that outside of Siberia this doesn’t really work that way; unless, of course, Zajcew brings Siberia with him somewhere.

This leads us to challenges – a Zajcew is an apex predator, the strongest, fastest, the one with the loudest mouth person around. Why is that: imagine being a father of three scared children in Siberia. The young ones have stronger emotions then developed people. This means Siberia will materialize the fears. If children see that the father is actually the strongest person around they will believe he is able to do everything. If he is beaten in a challenge against someone stronger in the village, they feel safe, because someone stronger is in the village. This also means that Siberian villages tend to be smaller; the moment the community becomes too large, it gets splits into another clan. The community can be only as large to still have social anchors, strong, willful individuals able to stop Siberian influence and able to stop influence of people upon Siberia. When the community gets larger, Siberia will probably devour it because of paradigm and prismatic influences.

So Zajcew magi live in the small niche communities were people generally look up to each other and challenge each other. Now, how do you actually make sure, that you can use Siberia instead of being used by the prism? You create a common culture, you create common stories, shared stories. Not only a real Zajcew loves stories, stories create rules how to defeat particular creatures or problems. For example “fire purifies everything”. In Zajcew stories fire is the strongest of elements, one which is able to destroy everything – starting from the magic and ending on stones. This is why Zajcew terminus usually uses fire magic. This is why fire magic is most common for Zajcew they deem it the most important, because they can purify even the most nightmarish horrors coming from Siberia.

So: a Zajcew mage tends to challenge others, is usually a good storyteller, boasts a lot, if a battle mage – uses fire usually, and deeply understands why culture and Paradigm are so important. Because of their Siberian heritage and because of constantly challenging others and themselves they tend to be stronger, more resilient and much more strong-willed than other magi, but in the same time they are usually jovial and very friendly, that is once. They leave in small communities and they are overwhelmed by too many people because of inability to control paradigm in such larger groups.

There is one more thing which is important to take into account when we are talking about Zajcew magi. They are ones of the most resource for magi you can ever find. MacGyver would be a Zajcew. They are able to adapt everything to suit anything they really need; how it looks like doesn’t really matter – only practical and pragmatic things matter. Things like honor, rules, law… Those are artificial constraints on a Zajcew. “If it works, it works” - another Zajcew proverb.

In terms of personality, every Zajcew is very “intense”. They can be fiery, passionate, determined – a Zajcew has a goal, something which drives him (or her). This intensity is actually needed to survive on Siberia and it is needed to survive all the tests, the harshness of the strange environment where paradigm actually becomes reality. For another mage this is usually called “hobby” or “life’s goal” and sometimes “obsession”; for Zajcew it is part of his nature, evolutionary adaptation.

Zajcew is usually a very strong willed mage, one who is driven by his determination and one who always knows what to do next. They are material for heroes, exceptional figures, be it for good or for bad. They usually go for simplest solutions and avoid sophisticated things; everything sophisticated can get easily damaged or stop working while it is difficult to make a rock which is thrown at someone stop working. There is some elegance in that choice even if someone else would call a Zajcew “unrefined brute”. “If it works, it works”.

What we also know about Zajcew – “Zmiorszaja Fłamia” is a sect which worships Siberia and has convictions, that spreading Siberia to the world will make it better. They are not good or evil; they simply believe that Siberia would make the world more honest and a better place. They do not actually try to bring Siberia everywhere, but they do try to make Zajcew return to the roots, they share stories, they share habits and rituals… And they are there when a Zajcew asks for the help. Members of the sect are not human anymore – they have become the very legendary guardians they were talking about thanks to the prismatic powers of Siberia. They do not breathe, they feed off pure magic, their physiology changed.

Why Zajcew magi live in Poland and what is their agenda? Where did they come from? At this moment, this is unanswered. This bloodline is still going strong in Poland, though it is not dominant. Even after the Eclipse Zajcew magi keep in touch with the eastern part of the family and they remain to be a valuable contact, information source and staunch – even if rowdy – allies. And the harder it is, the more challenging it is; and who is to deny a good challenge to a Zajcew?

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