Rod Weiner

The bloodline of Weiner.

Usually, Weiner bloodline is associated with catalysis and knowledge. They have very strict approach to blood magic and any types of dark arts, including demonology. The Weiner bloodline has a long history with those; in the past most of them used to be demon hunters and keepers of secrets.

The “Demon Hunter” part has actually put them squarely against other bloodlines like Myszeczka and especially Maus. To this day, Weiner Magi and Maus Magi usually stand in opposition. After Karradrael has been created, Weiner Magi – especially terminus – stood on the thin ice; how can you keep secrets when anything you say to a mage will be passed to the hive? How do you stay faithful to the demon Hunter line of your work if another terminus allowed himself to be willingly possessed by a demon? There have been many battles and even wars in the past between those two bloodlines over Karradrael.

Currently, Weiner Magi have mellowed a bit. They do not look at the “demon Hunter” archetype as strictly as they used to – they understand now that word is not as black and white as it used to be in the past, in the ages of legends, but old and powerful artifacts are still hidden in Weiners vaults.

Yes, the vaults. Having a combination of “keepers of secrets” and “demon hunters” means that Weiner bloodline has access to a lot of artifacts – be it legal or even completely forbidden – which they are your able to use whenever needed. Very often it seems that the situation is actually very dire to the point a Weiner tactician said “we have them exactly were needed” and used some kind of MacGuffin to be able to flip the situation on the spot. This makes Magi working with Weiner Magi somewhat paranoid and somewhat overly reliant on the things Weiner may have – even if that particular Weiner does not have much. But, you know – reputation. Reputation tends to be a lot in the world of Magi.

Weiner Magi tend to be scientists or at least tend to specialize in something. As a bloodline they tend to be obsessed with the risk that at one point a new piece of magic or technology or invention will make everything they worked for obsolete, so they tend to stretch a bit thin – for every possible piece of knowledge there needs to exist at least one Weiner mage to be able to at least comprehend how it works and how to counter it. As this bloodline is not a very numerous, this means that a very often though will be exactly one or two Magi able to say something about it. But they will make something practical out of it and put it in the vaults. Because perhaps one day it can be used.

Weiner Magi tend to be terrible liars. They focus on the truth and they try to excel at the truth; lice are something which they do not really like because it only gets in the way. They culturally believe that the more you lie the easier it is for you to lie to yourself; therefore you actually should not lie or you will never be able to make any sensible discovery.

Weiner Magi tends to be more solitary. They do help each other, but in the same time they tend to be more of loners in comparison to once like the Zajcew or Diakon. Weiner mage tends to accumulate as much knowledge as possible and store it somewhere; create a mini vault.

Magi from Weiner bloodline tend to be very proud, quite secluded, do not speak too much, doubt everything, have a very sharp mind and in general feel better with projects and inventions than with people. Fortunately, they also tend to be very moral and they usually want to do what is “right”. As they do not tend to want to share the knowledge too much, they rarely tend to be important people in the guilds. First allegiance for a Weiner mage is the bloodline – and one of the most important thing a Weiner mage can do in their life is to put something valuable in the vault.

Weiner Magi tend to cooperate mostly with Magi outside Weiner bloodline. This actually pretty sensible if you think about it – Weiner Magi tend to specialize in the pure magic stuff: artifacts, catalysis, nodes. Things which are quite universal and supportive. That way and Weiner mage is able to work with different Magi to help them make discoveries and to be that one person everybody needs to be able to finally put the prototype or discovery or knowledge about the discovery in the vaults.

Because of the past Weiner Magi tend to have very good intelligence. Where Diakon intelligence tends to focus on “who did it” and “people stuff”, Weiner intelligence is mostly about technologies, history, locations, predictions. The matters of people are much less interesting than weak spots, counters, opportunities. Very often Weiner and Diakon tend to cooperate over some kind of difficult problem; the former provides ways to solve a problem, the latter helps sell the solution and makes it acceptable. This type of cooperation is not very common simply because both bloodlines have their own intelligence networks and spies always compete with spies. Also, Diakon Magi tend to be much less moral then Weiner Magi and Weiner has reservations about all the kraloth stuff.

In the past there has been civil war in the Weiner bloodline. It happened in the Germany. Those Weiner who moved to Poland were the ones who lost. At this moment the relations between Polish Weiner Magi and German Weiner Magi are very good; officially, German part of Weiner control the Polish part (that is, officially a seiras is over there). In practice, those two groups do not have much in common.

Weiner Magi do not tend to conform to a single seiras as as much as other bloodlines tend to. They tend to be much more independent and although they really obey their seiras, they have more than one. That is, every small independent group of Weiner Magi tend to have one leader and that leader has the title of seiras. This is very logical if you look at the militaristic past of Weiner Magi; if you do not have a single leader that is not a single person which can exert influence. And there is no way to actually kill a hydra.

It does lead to some problems especially in current world; different groups of Weiner believe something else to be “good and moral”. This led to something called “Breslau proclamation”; a special type of pact. According to Breslau proclamation know Weiner can use vaults against another Weiner. Seeing what actually lies within vaults it is pretty good – at one point a small city has been destroyed because two groups of Weiner were trying to take control over the vaults below the city.

So what we actually have: Weiner are a very diverse bloodline, without a central command point, who tend to have support roles like artifact creators, catalysts to be able to actually help other magi only to copy their inventions and put them in the vaults. They do tend to try to excel in something, they are very try-hard, and they tend to have access to very specialized and strange objects. A Weiner mage usually has access to very obscure knowledge, but they tend to be more of thinkers than doers. Most Weiner Magi are trained in the arts of war and they tend to command rather than fight on their own. If a Weiner goes to war, they will usually use array of artifacts or mechanical soldiers and they usually trap the opponents rather them face them head on. The very reputation of Weiner bloodline is usually enough to prevent opponents from fighting them.

Magi of Weiner bloodline tend to turtle. They are not much of attackers. They are excellent defenders and they obsess over defenses. This is understandable, because they have to protect the vaults and all the knowledge they have managed to hide; and accumulate.

Weiner Magi tend to be very curious. They are not good at social skills, especially at lying, but if you trap one they will usually be able to use some kind of gizmo to either escape or summon reinforcements.

Politically, they are much less important than actually they are powerful. They simply do not care enough and they try to pretend they are less powerful than they are.

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