Rod Strzezek

The Strzezek bloodline did not appear on its own. This bloodline has been forged by magi; this bloodline is a specialization of a combat archetype of the magi. Initially, magi from Strzezek bloodline were created to protect other magi, people and their property. It’s easy to think of this as a specialization of a terminus. Every mage can be a terminus, but the Strzezek terminus is much stronger than others.

The matrix of this bloodline supports a mage able to harness his instincts, a very quick and agile one and also a physically strong person. In the same time this type of a mage is usually very conservative and loyal; the loyalty can be one towards an idea or one towards a person. This is a mechanism used to protect Strzezek magi from kraloth corruption – and everything similar.

Strzezek magi are usually quite imposing; they are the lightning bruisers, the unyielding force and they are everything a super soldier would like to be. In the same time, although not stupid, those magi are not really “free”. They do not want freedom, they are very collective minded and they tend to protect others around them.

Their magical powers are usually strong, but they are usually centered towards the military application. Even a Strzezek mage is not a terminus, he’s probably a medic or an explorer. They are very pragmatic; you rarely see a daydreamer in this bloodline.

One of the things which used to be done to magi in the past - to all non-defiler types who were sentenced to death – was to transform them into a Strzezek mage and bind them to the figure of authority. Even if a mage tried to rebel or protest, with time the matrix overrode his nature and he became loyal. Because of that, Strzezek magi never had a strong social status; they were always valued as defenders and strong, competent servants, but they were never treated as first-class magi. This has changed with Radom Accord, but old habits die hard.

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