Rod Niecien

Not every mage wanted to become one. To some of them, magic just happened. Especially in the older times, especially those who were more religious – those magi considered themselves to be blessed by gods. They considered themselves to be vessels of some divine entity, not knowing that they are the source of the energy themselves.

Some other magi believed that they got the power to help others, to serve people. So they fasted, they could walk through fire, like Hindu fakirs, or other ascetics. They wanted to have the communities. They focused on their internal system of beliefs. And the magic – following their will and their convictions – responded.

Over time those groups of magi became one group. Often they turned around from the feudal civilization, focusing on what they perceived to be God. Focusing on their inner lives and inner selves. And with time, a new matrix was born – a new pattern was born – the one called Niecień.

The pattern of Niecień is not centered around any school of magic; it is more centered around what a mage is. Niecień magi do not have the strongest magical power around; this pattern mostly influences the physical body and mental control of a mage. Niecień magi are usually very resistant to the hardships of reality around them. They eat much less than humans, they do not sleep as much, they are able to regenerate more and better, also they do not crave as much and they are more ascetic. It is fundamentally not only how the act; it is fundamentally what they are.

Also, Niecień magi are community people. Unlike most magi, they consider themselves to be humans – originally, Magi of this pattern believed they are humans which were selected by the higher power to guide their brothers and sisters. As the research managed to progress, they are aware they are not humans anymore. Doesn’t really matter to them. Most Magi of this bloodline stand in strong opposition to the neo-feudal system guilds – especially Silver Candle – created. They are quite numerous, but because the magic energy which transformed them did not increase their receptiveness to magic power as much as it did to other magi - they are simply not as powerful (politically, magically) as other magi.

Does not really matter, because Niecień magi can survive where a normal human would not be able to. This also means they are able to thrive where other magi would probably fail.

Although magical guilds do not promote this particular bloodline and they do not aim at improving this particular pattern’s livability, there are many Niecień magi in the world and they have created an alternative system of power, one which is closer to humans and more communal than the system created by powerful magical guilds.

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