Rod Maus

The bloodline of Maus.

The bloodline of Maus is actually very interesting or rather, their history is very interesting. Once upon a time, there existed a single bloodline called Myszeczka. They used to be the important and powerful bloodline. Yet with time, external dangers appeared to the bloodline. Some forces, unidentified to now, were corrupting Magi of Myszeczka bloodline. This threatened their interests and endangered the secrets and abilities. A very difficult decision was made – to split part of the bloodline to create the guardians of Myszeczka bloodline. This separate bloodline was called Maus.

Years have passed, and now Maus are the main bloodline while Myszeczka is a secondary one. Their interests, as much as their history, is still entwined. Only now – the guardians have taken over.

Returning to the past, Maus bloodline was created initially from magi who had abilities of controlling demons and catalysis magic. Initial Maus Magi were demonologists and catalysts. To prevent them from corruption and from being captured and subverted by unknown forces – to make them perfect guardians, a demon lord was created. This entity was formed from a set of catalysts and demonologists and it was bound to a Lord of a family. The name of the demon lord is Karradrael. To this day every Lord of Maus family, every Lord of Maus bloodline is connected with Karradrael. And as Karradrael is created from Maus bloodline, he is something like a hive Queen of every mage of Maus bloodline.

As a result, every mage of Maus bloodline is felt by Karradrael and Karradrael is able to influence and control every mage of Maus bloodline. This is something of a symbiosis – this means a Maus cannot really be controlled by anyone else. As a side effect, third dominant magical line in most Magi of this bloodline have is the domination line.

So the Maus bloodline is characterized by: domination, catalysis, demonology. A mage of this bloodline is never alone; they always feel a part of greater whole thanks to the power of Karradrael. This also means that this is a very hierarchy-based bloodline. The Lord of the bloodline is able to dominate every mage, read his thoughts, even rewrite him using the power bestowed upon him by Karradrael. At this moment Karradrael and Maus bloodline are interconnected; it is impossible to talk about a bloodline without talking about the demon lord and vice versa.

Magi of his bloodline have an opinion of being “evil”. This results from the fact, that several previous lords of Maus used to be power-hungry people with no regards to morality. A current Lord tries to change that, but he did not entwined himself with Karradrael. This means that his power is not absolute and it means, that a lot of Magi of his own bloodline question his ability to lead.

A very important fact not really understood by most – Karradrael absorbs the memories and personalities of all the previous lords of Maus. This means that who ever becomes the Lord will influence Karradrael a bit. Karradrael does not corrupt lords of Maus. He considers himself a tool – but a tool for the glory of the bloodline. He does not oppose direct command of the Lord of you bloodline, he will advise and he will actually execute whatever order is given by the Lord this regarding his own preferences. As a constructed entity being melded from about 80 Magi at this point and influenced by the prismatics of the whole bloodline, Karradrael is not really a person. He is a force of will, a force of nature with singular idea in the mind.

This is, sadly, what’s the current Lord of Maus doesn’t understand – he would not become a tool of Karradrael. Karradrael would become his tool. He would be able to influence whole family, whole bloodline and move the bloodline away from the dark ages of his predecessors.

One more thing – the influence on bloodline lords on Karradrael is afterwards transmitted from Karradrael to the ordinary bloodline Magi. This means, that how the lords of the bloodline influence Karradrael will afterwards influence every other mage; this is part of what makes Maus a bit of a hive bloodline. There will never be complete convergence, this is not hive Queen and the drones model. But there is a strong and subtle influence coming from Karradrael using the blood sympathy directly to every member of the “you are not alone” hive.

There exists an eternal feud between the Maus family and Weiner family. Another one is between Maus family and Diakon family. At this moment the reasons for those feuds are not known yet, but Weiner family is dominant in catalysis as well, while Diakon also have parts of the hive mind nature and they also operate on domination line; even if their form of domination is seduction.

Politically, Maus family is not very powerful in silver candle at this moment. The predecessors of the current Lord focused more on internal affairs, strengthening the bloodline against, well, internal usurpers. They wanted an absolute power over mind souls and lives of every mage of the bloodline. The result of that was the fact that other magi were afraid of befriending or even cooperating with the Magi of Maus bloodline; they never knew if the most honest and sincere mage will be rewritten or modified by Karradrael and will be turned against them. This led to the marginalization of Maus bloodline in silver candle. A current Lord tries to be more conciliatory and tries to cooperate with the candle, but there is a lot of mistrust which leads to overall problems. Loyalists of the old Maus regime use it as a leverage to separate from the candle but the current Lord wants to mend the wounds, not separate even more. This puts the Magi of the bloodline in a very peculiar and uneasy situation because they often have to answer for things they are not really responsible for and they do not have the protection of the Lord of the bloodline they actually deserve.

Of course, this only can lead to hawk approaches and to radicalization, especially of Maus youngsters. It is a problem they do not really know how to resolve.

A very, very important part – Karradrael can only entwine with a member of Maus bloodline. For example, if a Maus having some secrets is caught by enemy forces, they can force him to divulge those secrets only after changing his bloodline into anything else the Maus. Otherwise, Karradrael will be able to make that Maus his puppet, even with distance. Of course, if a person is not of Maus bloodline, Karradrael will feel it instantly and he will lose that “you are not alone” link with the rest of the hive. This means that as long as Karradrael exists it is literally impossible to plant a spy in the Maus ranks.

There exists an unknown relation between the three main forces, three prime demon lords, which consider themselves siblings: Karradrael, Arazille, Iliusitius. A current theory is, that either Iliusitius or Arazille were that “unknown force” which forced Myszeczka bloodline to spawn Maus bloodline and form Karradrael.

Maus bloodline is one of the oldest aristocratic bloodlines and because of an absolute dominance of Karradrael over every member, they are able to practice defiler abilities; that is, that of a blood magic. A natural craving every defiler has can be completely compensated by Karradrael. This is the reason because of which when Karradrael has been damaged and disjuncted by Aurelia Maus, all the defilers in Maus bloodline suffered fate worse than death and run amok.

Maus are a very proud, very dangerous and very powerful bloodline. They may not be many, but they usually stick together very closely and because of Karradrael they are able to specialize. The level of cooperation between those Magi is very hard to match by others.

The approach to other magi is one of “they are our lessers”. The approach to humans is one of “one of the tools at our disposal”. You are either one of them, a Maus, or you are not really relevant.

Some Maus, to this day, consider the role as guardians of Myszeczka bloodline to be the most important thing in their lives. Some other ignore the past. Some rebel against the destiny of being entwined with Karradrael. Most like be the part of the hive, especially as it really doesn’t show unless you know what you’re looking at or what to search for. Some are quite versatile, like every other mage. Some are so specialized that people, that is other magi from different bloodline, would never believe they wanted this to happen. There are so specialized Magi in Maus bloodline that under some classifications they would be considered to be vicinius at this point.

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