Rod Diakon

The bloodline of Diakon.

The general opinion on the Diakon bloodline is, that they are a bunch of orgy loving beautiful people and that “no matter what it is, there exists a Diakon having a fetish for it”. And it is partially true – most Diakon Magi are very beautiful and they are far more handsome than general population, and yes, they are actually very sexually promiscuous – but the truth is slightly more complex than that.

Magi of Diakon bloodline are often characterized by the life shaping magic, seduction magic, erotic magic, sometimes elements of domination and the insane need for hugging people. So: life shaping, seduction, eroticism. Life shaping usually concerns mostly human bodies and human adaptations to serve better purposes, but also most Diakon Magi has some area of a non-human specialization in life shaping. For example, flower shaping. Right, and beauty magic. Cannot forget that – beauty magic is mostly why you even go talk with Diakon mage. They also dabble in the blood magic; there exists a way for them not to become corrupted; thanks to kraloth powers.

The Diakon bloodline is also adept at creating artificial humans. They actually breed them. They are able to breed humans, or rather human artificial slaves, according to the needs of those who request those humans. This is very helpful if you want for example a perfect beautiful maid who will never refuse any command of yours or when your spell accidentally killed someone and you need to implant a proxy; that is, when you want to hide that unfortunate incident. This is one of the reasons why Diakon family is one of the richer families out there.

Breeding artificial humans is not the only thing which gives Diakon bloodline money and power. Another one is erotic business. That, and the fact that Diakon bloodline has ears everywhere.

A mage of Diakon family needs to hug. It does not really have to be erotic; it’s just easier that way, because then – a true nature, a true face is revealed; or that is what they believe. A Diakon should never be alone, at least for longer period of time. They are socialites, they deal with solitude very badly; they literally suffer pain. Diakon Magi need emotions of other people around; it does not really matter what types of emotions are there, but there needs to be something. A mage of this bloodline feels nervous if he doesn’t have at least three or five people around all the time (or, when a Diakon has no one to sleep with during the night).

A very interesting thing about this bloodline – because this type of behavior they have is not really socially acceptable around, even with Magi not being people, Diakon Magi tend to cooperate very closely. Being socialites, they are very family-friendly; especially if this is an incestuous family. A Diakon will help another mage of his bloodline in the need; this is another part of the strengths of this family. Hurt one of them – hurt all of them. They also have their own insider feuds and battles inside; they are far more likely to cooperate with another mage of the bloodline then to fight that mage. This is quite unusual in the world of Magi; Diakon mage tends to be pretty altruistic towards both his friends and especially his bloodline.

Who commands the Diakon family? They are called the triumvirate, and they represent the main interests of the Diakon family; that is, social interests and business interests. The triumvirate does not necessarily have only three people; but the name remains due to historical reasons. Currently, the triumvirate is composed of one wizard responsible for Millennium (main Diakon Guild), one wizard responsible for human breeding program, one responsible for Silver Candle interests, one responsible for newly acquired Magi interests and one dedicated to the eclipse and its implications. Because the triumvirate is composed of five Magi, Diakon bloodline does not operate very fast to reach consensus; but consensus is not really needed, every mage of the triumvirate is able to operate in their own area of interest on their own, synchronizing only afterwards. The triumvirate also has a blood magic derived tool which allows them to more or less monitor the state, actions, problems and whereabouts of every mage of Diakon family. That is, assuming they use it. What would be read as horrible invasion of privacy and horrible opportunity to take control over a mage is just natural for a Diakon mage. From the points of view, advantages trump weaknesses of this solution.

Arazille. The Princess of Slaves. The demon lady is an entity most in conflict with the Diakon bloodline. It is not exactly known how Arazille became; what is already known in collective knowledge of a triumvirate is the fact, that Arazille used to be a Diakon name, one which is not used anymore. Of course, a sorceress called Arazille Diakon went with a name Ann.

That leads us directly to the issue of Diakon names. When we talk about names, we usually think of names like Mary, Josephine, Abdul, maybe even Clark. But it is almost impossible to find two Magi of Diakon bloodline who have the same name. The names sound like “tyrannus pudding Diakon” or “Antygona Dolores Kebab Diakon”. Those names also tend to change with time; not very often, but it does happen. Add to this the mutability of Diakon bodies – Diakon Magi tend to modify their bodies the most of all Magi – and it is extremely difficult to actually pinpoint with whom are we talking. This apparent care freeness is pretty logical – a Diakon can be what a Diakon wants. Their names are a conglomerate of what others say about them and of what they think about themselves. If a drastic change appears, so will the name change. And from their point of view, if a name changed and the body changed this means we have a different person. So – everything is ephemeral. And with time, every piece of information will get to any Diakon mage anyway, so it doesn’t matter if you speak with the same Diakon mage. With time it will get to that one which should hear it anyway. Cue a lot of head scratching for every other mage trying to interact with Diakon – especially if a Diakon tries to explain that a moment after she said you just slept with someone else than you thought you had.

That also means, that understanding what is a Diakon’s real name gives you a lot of knowledge about that particular Diakon. That is one of the reasons why they usually use normal human names when introducing themselves; another reason is that no one else would understand that they are not joking when they say those are the real names.

Diakon bloodline has been created in a very unfortunate period of time, one which puts them directly against Maus and Myszeczka bloodline. Long time ago something happened; something, which led Myszeczka to create Maus bloodline. But Karradrael was not able to entwine with every mage who needed or wanted that protection; additionally, for some becoming one with the demon lord was so horrifying and so against their own personal beliefs they refused to do it. Those Magi actually found safety in kraloth.

This is actually very interesting – it is quite possible, that the kraloth were the ones responsible for creating Maus bloodline and that they were the ones who scared Myszeczka bloodline. It is pretty possible, that Myszeczka – perfect breeders - were the ones who modified kraloth to the point today and endangered the Myszeczka bloodline. At this point we do not know. What we do know is that several Magi from Myszeczka bloodline and many other from different bloodlines became tools of kraloth, their toys and slaves, changed and adapted by kraloth to their needs. This became a symbiosis with time, with newly created Diakon bloodline absorbing some of kraloth abilities and not needing the shackles of the Masters. Of course, Myszeczka and Maus battled Diakon to destroy them; if other magi knew that Myszeczka experimented on Magi then all hell would get loose. Unfortunately for Myszeczka, Diakon bloodline was impossible to extinguish. Initially, they were enslaved – by other magi, by kraloth etc. this changed when Arazille freed Diakon from the slavery.

Note, that with time Arazille turned against Diakon bloodline because of their treatment of humans; as she is the one to stand for the slaves, she will not accept slavery of humans, even bred ones. But she was the one to change Diakon bloodline from toys to proper bloodline of Magi.

Today, Diakon bloodline cooperates with kraloth. They are in a natural alliance and symbiosis – kraloth is a defiler operating on ecstasy, a Diakon’s sexual appetite can only be satiated by a kraloth. For a Diakon, kraloth is nothing inherently evil and the ability of a kraloth to control the blood magic is something which can be transplanted to a willing combined mage. Some Diakon bloodline Magi have combined themselves with kraloth to create a new entity; one of those entities is always in triumvirate.

A Diakon bloodline mage is one of the most tolerant and easy-going mage you can ever see. They like humans, vicinius, other magi. They do not look at the external shape – external shape can be easily changed. They do not care who you are and what you do; they will try to cooperate with everyone. A Diakon mage will also pass most of information to triumvirate, making Millennium the place where most secrets are known and giving Diakons an opinion of them being spies.

Magi from Diakon bloodline are usually respected for the natural abilities to intrigue, for their willing to make everyone win and for their willing to create lasting relations. In the same time it is difficult to not divulge your secrets to a Diakon mage, it is very hard to remain in control – because you never know if you are not doing something erotically exciting for a Diakon, and because it is very hard not to fall in love in a Diakon in the longer run. They do have elixirs to help with that, but can you trust Masters of intrigue that an elixir they give you will be what they say it will?

Do not make one mistake, one about morality – they are not moral. They have their own code of conduct, their own rules; they do not really understand rape as an idea but they can understand, that someone might not like something. They are ones of the most humane of Magi bloodlines, but in the same time they are strongly influenced by kraloth and kraloth culture. Usually they try to adapt to what they perceive to be the general morality of the people around; they like being liked and admired. In the same time, they need emotions to live; any emotions – this is how they are able to absorb magical energy from the environment (kraloth legacy). If they cannot get it from positive emotions, if they cannot get it from ecstasy – they will go the route of pain and torment. Because everything is better than no emotions.

A Diakon mage usually has a lack of respect to a hierarchy, unless a family hierarchy. They understand the bloodline, the family, the friendships much more than one would expect of them. It is possible to win the back a mage from Diakon family by being a good to your own family and showing, that it was necessary to hurt a Diakon to help your own family.

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