Resources 1701

The resources system


Every character has access to some allowance. The allowance represents a universal resource – favors the character can call, money the character can spend, general liquid wealth etc.

  • A character considered to be poor and low on allowance should have allowance equal 1
  • A character considered to be properly connected and having an income should have allowance equal 2
  • A character considered to be rich and well-connected should have allowance equal 3.

Allowance regenerates daily. This means that a character having allowance ‘2’ in reality has access to ‘2’ allowance on Monday, ‘2’ on Tuesday etc.


Every character has access to some sinks. Those sinks represent two major areas:

  • Whom does the character know; overall contacts, fame, reputation etc.
  • What does the character has access to; equipment, tools, works of art, artifacts, heritage etc.

A well-formed character should have no less than three sinks per category. Those sinks also define the character as much as the skills or impulses.


Every role-playing session is divided into days. Every day, no matter which moment, a player can call a resource. This actually is very important – it is not the character calling the resource, it is the player.


A Wednesday has started. Paul has his character, Paranoid Patrick. Paranoid Patrick is asleep in his bed and an assassin comes. Normally, this would be an easy kill. However, Patrick’s character sheet has access to “home defense systems”. Paul is able to use this resource against an assassin; even if Patrick is asleep, his “home defense system” fights against the assassin.

Another example:

On one of the sessions, Sabine was ambushed while she was going to a party. Her player was able to use a resource to summon - as reinforcements - a person she was supposed to go out with.

Mechanical impact:

For every character, you can spend one allowance to:
  • Activate any sink you have on your character sheet, on its power level (minor, major or extreme).
  • Activate any situational sink; situational resource which makes sense on the power level of minor.
  • Activate any friendly NPC or call a favor with a friendly NPC.
For a mage, you can spend one allowance to:
  • Everything which applies to ‘every character’ applies here.
  • Imbue any spell with quark crystals. This spell is persistent till the end of the session.
  • Shatter quark crystals. This will mask your aura and pattern; the spell you have used will remain difficult to be detected by any mage who tries to find out “who did it”.
Example character sheet using it properly:

Judyta Maus (1612)

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