Resources 1612

Resources and factions

Resource types:

All possible resources have been split into five elemental resources.

The resources we have access to are as following:

  • Earth
  • Fire
  • Air
  • Water
  • Void

Those resources are then split into components; you are able to use the Earth in any way you choose from the list or from the faction, but the table below is supposed to be a useful shorthand in case you run out of ideas.

  1. Earth: Earth represents the potential and the defenses. The fundamental resource without which you can be easily uprooted and destroyed.
    1. location: anything spatial, having access to a place in the natural ways, mountain, cave or house
    2. defenses: countering attacks of other elements, something to nullify something else
    3. stability: being rooted and unable to be moved or forced to move, taking ownership of something
    4. supplies: be it attrition, supply line, constant growing of something
    5. fortitude: resistance, protection, armor, imperviousness
    6. potential: something to be realized in the future, rich land, non-liquid riches which are hard to easily turn into money
    7. unchange: Protect something, preserve it, make it as it has always been
  2. Fire: fire represents the burst, the tools and liquid money as in influence of human mechanical nature upon the reality.
    1. Liquid wealth: liquid money which can be used to buy whatever is needed at this moment
    2. tools: the artifacts of human ingenuity which are universal and generally useful for the purpose
    3. specialized devices: a special subset of tools which are not universal but dedicated to something; specialist-ish
    4. gadgets: wacky and unusual, high risk high reward, do not really fit anything but can be used with overwhelming curiosity
    5. overwhelming burst: a decisive game changer, raging fire, extreme firepower
    6. action: materialize something now, make something happen now, riot, disorder, shock
    7. augment: make something stronger, make something better suited to the task
  3. Air: this element represents the knowledge, phantasms, illusion, things immaterial, precise and beyond our direct sphere of influence
    1. knowledge: general information or misinformation of others; something not dedicated
    2. secrets: something hidden or unavailable which is important for someone to stay fit and because of some reason
    3. solution: how to solve a particular problem one is having
    4. precision: application of minimum possible force, stealthily, to achieve the best possible result
    5. immaterial: not here, attack where defenses are not or relocate to make the attack miss
    6. legend: hints towards something grand and game changing
    7. transcend: progress beyond, adapt the reality to you
  4. Water: this one represents adaptation, regeneration, impression and human contact.
    1. contact: access to a specialist or community which would normally be gated
    2. ally: a person or group able to help in something
    3. impression: active and burst influence which is centered on the moment and making a group of people do something
    4. renown: passive and general influence which changes others approach towards you
    5. community: a network, a helping group, one which demands but also gives, belonging
    6. regenerate/heal: recovery, make something damaged functional and whole again
    7. adapt: become more suited to the world without harming it; without influencing it
  5. Void: a wildcard (can be used anywhere), represents everything supernatural

Resource levels, resource sinks

The resources have two levels: normal and special.

Every not-named resource is normal. Special resources are special in the way that they are named. They are also tracked differently to normal resources; they are tracked the same way the sinks are tracked.

Sinks are sinks of resources which can usually be used by several different resources. For example, “phase spider” is a resource sink. You cannot use it without expending a resource, but by expending a particular resource you can use a function to gain something. Like, you can use Air to get your phase spider to learn about something and give you that information and then you can use Fire to use the phase spider as a tool to retrieve you that thing.

Special resources are very powerful, one shot resources, consumables which are tracked the same way sinks are. Sinks are multi – use. As long as you have resources you can activate sinks in any way you want.

Any extra resources which have been gained during the missions should be tracked. Tracking shall be automated and it shall be done by RdAssistant tool. To make it easier, resources – sinks – special resources shall be written in the reports. That way an autogenerated history record will be able to actually create a historical part of the resources.

Character and resources

Every character has two guaranteed resources given to them in the scope of a single role-playing session. If they are not used, they are destroyed. Depending on faction standing or character concept, the character can have more than 2 resources.

Usually an influential faction will grant at least one resource and some sinks. This means that, for example, being an associate to Silver Candle will make you receive two points dependent on a character and one extra point dependent on what you do for the Candle.

A faction has levels and every character is granted a level within the faction.

  • Associate
  • Member
  • Elite member
  • Officer

A faction does not only provide the resources to the members. It also provides appropriate sinks which may be dependent on the level of character in the faction (special moves).
For example, an officer of the Curtain is able to call for the search of a missing member. Associate cannot, even if she has the resources.



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