Inwazja Mechanika Notatka 160710 Mission Generation

Mission generation, impulses, compound entities

The previous approach to mission generation was to create archetypes and motives. Those were the expanded Apocalypse World concepts. However, we do not have strong archetypes and strong motives; not in the meaning of ‘strong’ from the source material (AW). Every character we are using, every entity which actually makes actions; makes waves in the world – the character is driven by an impulse, or by a set of impulses.

So what we do have is impulses. Sometimes those impulses are not really possible to translate into proper actions; it is very easy to create a malformed character in a way that the character contains impulses, yet cannot use them. It is easy to create an impulse which is not an impulse at all.

An apparent solution which will match this particular setting and this particular world would be to disjoint impulses from archetypes and motives and to make impulses the base tool in the mission generation. As in, it is not archetypes or motives which have moves connected to it. It is the impulse which has the moves connected to it.

That way if I take an NPC which already exists and I want to see what kinds of actions would this particular character do, I can activate the generation on the character; the generation should parse all the impulses of this character and get a set of moves suiting this particular character. If I create a character which is supposed to fulfill a particular function, I can create an opposition for player characters by generating impulses and afterwards – if needed – complete the character with skills and other parts of the template.

This also connected to the compound entities. Allies, entourage, entities like the police force – those feelings are actually possible to be compounded. As much as in the business world we talk about mission statements and missions of organizations which are the reasons for the company to exist, we can use impulses for the compound entities and for the nonhuman entities (like the kraloth, for example) to be able to create additional moves, additional resources, additional impulses.

If we assume that meaningful conflicts appear at the intersection of opposite impulses between entities, we can have a much superior mission generation tool than we used to. Also, we can make variations between similar things which fulfilled a similar function. Two hotels having slightly different impulses. Two police forces. Three different computer companies. This creates a sense of persistence, this gives our world life.

Add to this the resources, consumables, resource functions and other good stuff - and you will feel the music.

GM should be able to operate on generated reality, being a processor and an interpreter instead.

MissionReport is made of:

- Report Text Section
- Progression
entity - progression
- Mission Result
- Dramatis Personae
entity - deed
- Location
location - deed
- Threads
- Script
generated script

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