Inwazja Mechanika Notatka 160709 Resources

The new resource system.

Every character has two guaranteed resources given to them in the scope of a single role-playing session. If they are not used, they are destroyed.

There exist two types of resources: normal and extraordinary. Every possible resource is normal. Extraordinary resources are special in the way that they are named. They are also tracked differently to normal resources; they are tracked the same way functions are tracked.

Functions are sinks of resources which can usually be used by several different resources. For example, “phase spider” is a resource function. You cannot use it without expending a resource, but by expending a particular resource you can use a function to gain something. Like, you can use air to get your phase spider to learn about something and give you that information and then you can use fire to use the phase spider as a tool to retrieve you that thing.

Extraordinary resources are very powerful, one shot resources, consumables which are tracked the same way functions are. Functions are multi – use. As long as you have resources you can activate functions in any way you want.

Any extra resources which have been gained during the missions should be tracked. Tracking shall be automated and it shall be done by RdAssistant tool. To make it easier, resources – functions – extraordinary resources shall be written in the reports. That way an auto generated history record will be able to actually create a historical part of the resources.

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