Inwazja Mechanika Notatka 160709 Progression

Character progression

Usually with character progression one connects things like experience points and sword +5 to Dragon slaying. Because we are playing in achronological way neither of those two really works. On top of that we have a problem of having about 400 character sheets for NPCs which would also have to be able to progress. A particularly nasty conundrum especially for game master.

The solution is, of course, an automatic generation. Whatever character progression system we want it has to be able to be read directly from the reports and the generation should be able to apply it efficiently in such a way that playing achronologically we can see at what stage of the progression our character is right now.

We have tried many different approaches to things like reputation, fame, wealth and other resources. Those are also a means of progression. However unless it is read from reports we don’t really know what the state is in the current moment we want to make the current mission.

Let there be a section called progression in report. In that section all the things progression shall be written. A character can progress by means of making new connections (resource function) or by gaining more non-decaying resources, or by making something expending the resources which will become the resource function (for example, research and crafting of some kind of magical detector). Or learning a hermetic spell.

In short, all the reports have to be parsed and changed and the progression section needs to be added to make it possible for characters to become stronger and more influential still having the achronological feel.

This will also allow us to push characters towards more interesting dilemmas: do you want to save the village or get a new hermetic spell? As this becomes a part of the deeds this will also shape the character better and make for more interesting stories. Because it expands the decision trees. And without the decision trees there are no conflicts at all.

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