Inwazja Mechanika Notatka 160709 Entourage

Entourage, special forces, second in command:

Sometimes we deal with a situation that a character has access to different characters with different skill sets or to some artifacts, or the character has some kind of force they can send on the battlefield. This means that the character is not using their own skills and abilities. The character is using someone else’s skills and abilities; very often those things are connected to resource functions; a very clear example of this is Hektor Blakenbauer’s special forces. Or using some kind of police forces.

The character is expending resources to be able to move different entities having different skill sets that the character does. Is actually interesting, because this means that improving - for example - police forces in the city of London (because London is easier to parse by the Dragon than other cities) on one hand increases the power of Hector but on the other hand creates a potential foe for less low abiding characters.

This implies that entourage and named characters being in the sphere of influence of a particular character should have the old character sheets with skills. But not to create 1 million character sheets it might be prudent to create templates. That way the character would be able to expend resources and those resources would give the character access to differently formed characters to perform actions.

This would solve the problem of Basia Sowińska. This is one more step which pushes this particular system towards the board game from the pure role-playing game. But this might have to be done.

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