Jurij Zajcew

Jurij Zajcew

Jaki jest:

absolutny anarchista,

Co umie:

Kogo zna:

naukowiec Szlachty,

Co ma do dyspozycji:






Pro / Re| DIRECT     | SUBTLE     |
acuity  |     4      |     4      |
body    |     4      |     3      |
heart   |     2      |     1      |
will    |     5      |     1      |




Jurij Zajcew is a very passionate and opinionated mage. His main passion is “defiance” – Jurij is always trying to make people think for their own, to “make them throw away the shackles”. When he had a chance to join the Nobility, he did it the first moment he was able to. He strongly believes, that a silver candle actually enslaves the magi because it takes away some of the freedoms. The fact that some of those freedoms would be simply wrong does not concern him a bit.

He has a brilliant scientific mind which does not sound very typical for a Zajcew mage. He has some quack theories, but also some probable ones. A rebel by nature, he does not cooperate strongly with other Zajcew in this location. An approachable guy with eyes burning with defiance and passion.

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