Katherine XXX, aka Katty

Student of one of magical universities somewhere in Europe.
Does not feel well in 'normal' people's world. Asked in what country she is, she'll give you a blank stare. Countries are an abstract idea to this young wizard.
Though normally she does not think about normal people without magical powers, she will not let hurt them, because that's bad. In her personal opinion mistreating of people and magical creatures by wizards could be - at least in part - a reason of the Eclipse, although she has no evidence to support her thesis, nor does she know what really happened during the Eclipse, maybe apart from the fact, that most of the knowledge she gathered by then was rendered useless.

Rather short, has long dark hair, usually bound into a pony tail.
Wears glasses.
Preferred dressing style: librarian / comfy clothes for conducting experiments.

Plays online games to join useful with pleasant. She even made some online connections to some non-magical people. Usually they think she's a lot into role-playing, and she is just honest. She finds it amusing, that she is one of the few sincere people on the internet.

Artifactor, she usually has a bunch of more or less useful artifacts tucked in her pockets.

knowledge of magical energies
knowledge of magical creatures
magical tinkerer

Magical domains:
magical analysis
magical energy manipulation
mental magic

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